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An unusual coaching question – does it spark joy?

Japanese decluttering expert, Marie Kondo, uses the question “does it spark joy?” to help her clients assess whether they should hold on to something or be brave and let it go.  The coaching questions below are asked to help a client assess the true importance of an item.

However these simple but powerful questions can also be applied to many aspects of life as a coaching tool.     

In many scenarios you can ask yourself:    

  • Does this add value to my life? Marie Kondo
  • Would I miss this if I didn’t have it? 
  • Is it useful to me? 
  • Does it make me happy?



Kondo also explores the reasons why we often can’t let something go and finds there to be only two, an attachment to the past or fear of the future.

Whether reflecting on the job you have, the work you do or a difficult relationship, sometime we simply need to stand back, reflect and re-assess.

Often, once a tough decisions is made, the path forward becomes much easier (and tidier!). 

For further reading and insights we highly recommend: Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.

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