How to handle Digital and On Demand Interviews

18 August 2018

In this technological age recruiters are finding ever innovative ways to engage with candidates to speed up the process as cost effectively as possible.

Two trends to emerge in recent years are the digital and on demand interview.

A digital interview is one that is conducted via technology such as a video conference facility, Skype or other systems. This method of interviewing is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in global organisations as it can keep initial costs low.

An on demand interview is a relatively new concept and is more common for graduate and volume interviewing. The candidate logs into a video system and answers pre-recorded interview questions. The candidate’s answers are then recorded and transmitted back to the recruiter for assessment. There is no interaction with a human being at any time and therefore this type of interview can feel impersonal and a little unreal.

For both types of interview you should take the same approach as you would for a formal, face-to-face interview. Prepare just as well, do your research and get yourself in the right frame of mind to do your best.

However there are a few differences due to the technology aspects of these interviews:

  • Speak slower and louder and enunciate your words very clearly. The system will just record and will not ask you to repeat if it didn’t hear you well enough.
  • Treat the screen as if it is a real person, this will demonstrate your engagement and interpersonal skills.
  • Smile, maintain good eye contact and use open and positive gestures.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet, professional place and free of any distractions. A coffee shop or busy office is not the right place to attempt this.
  • Dress professionally as if you were at a formal interview. Show the recruiter that this is important and matters to you.
  • Try not to fidget or fumble and stay within the screen limits. This will show you still have composure in a slightly artificial and unnatural interview environment.

This may not be your preferred way of interviewing and can feel artificial and impersonal however recruiters are increasingly looking for candidates who are comfortable with technology and who can work remotely or globally.

The fact they are using this as an interview tool probably tells you something about their organisational culture and use of technology.



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