25 February 2019

The Importance of Financial Planning in a Redundancy Situation

Any major life change often leads people to sit down and re-evaluate what they want from life. Losing one’s job is certainly one of these events. Your job has been the source of your income that has paid for yours and your family’s lifestyle. Your job may have been a...

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18 August 2018

How to handle Digital and On Demand Interviews

In this technological age recruiters are finding ever innovative ways to engage with candidates to speed up the process as cost effectively as possible. Two trends to emerge in recent years are the digital and on demand interview. A digital interview is one that is conducted via technology such as...

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18 June 2018

5 CV Mistakes Which Will Cost You The Job

In a competitive environment, recruiters see an enormous amount of applications and quickly need to sift CVs to differentiate between candidates. Research shows that most recruiters will spend as little as 30 seconds reviewing a CV before deciding whether to take the candidate forward. The advantage of a CV is...

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03 March 2018

LinkedIn and Job Search – What You Need To Know

LinkedIn is the preferred social network tool for recruitment. According to a recent JobVite survey:  95% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to search for candidates. 95% are using LinkedIn to contact candidates 93% are using LinkedIn to “keep tabs on” potential candidates. 93% are using LinkedIn to “vet candidates pre-interview”...

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18 February 2018

And the winner is……. Job Sites 2018

Job sites remain one of the main tools for job search and a high percentage of recruiters say they are still the primary source for finding candidates who are ultimately hired. But with so many websites out there to choose from where do candidates begin? Well, the good news is...

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12 January 2018

Are Firms Ready To Flex?

Firms are waking up to the importance of flexible working. But, as Sarah Broad, Head of Operations at Attune Jobs, argues, there are more than a few reasons to go one step further to keep pace with this fast-moving and increasingly important workplace issue. At Attune Jobs, we talk to...

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