What to look for in an Outplacement Provider

What to look for in an Outplacement Provider

What to look for in an Outplacement Provider

The benefits of outplacement support are numerous, however it is important to select the right partner who can support your organisation during a period of transition and upheaval.

Outplacement services ideally should be independent, unbiased and objective.

An outplacement provider should be able to achieve the balance of providing practical and relevant support to your staff whilst meeting your overall business needs.

Working closely with the client a good outplacement provider should:

  • Understand the organisational climate and the risks to the business.
  • Tailor support to the needs of the impacted employees to ensure best value support.
  • Provide support that is timely to enable early engagement and mobilisation.
  • Provide information and materials to enable the client to sell the benefits of outplacement to hesitant employees.
  • Build a professional, confidential and trusting relationship with clients and employees.
  • Have first-hand operational experience to be able to communicate from a position of insight and understanding.

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